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Laboratory of tech & business
Lumo Research is an experienced team of entrepreneurs from Finland and Austria. We are passionate about next generation enterprise software and innovative business development. Our LumoFlow and Codesk online solutions reach thousands of businesses across the world every day.
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Gamified apps for collaboration, innovation and sales.
Stimulative business development. No rocket science.
Our CEO expressing his frustrations. Encrypted in Finnish.
CEO Kristian Tanninen
Mobile: +358 50 394 8923
Finland (global)
+358 9 2316 4354
United States
+1 347 380 6881
Germany, Switzerland and Austria
+43 699 1720 4621
Lumo Research Ltd
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Täysikuu 3
02210 Espoo
Branch office
Wielandgasse 38
8010 Graz

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